Search Engine Optimization -AKA SEO

November 5th, 2007 Comments Off on Search Engine Optimization -AKA SEO

ok, so if we have been chatting lately you know that I am a fan of optimizing sites for the search engines.  We will be going over a few of the ways to that most effectively.

First let me say that I have gotten a decent education in the past purely from reading sales scripts.  You know what those are if you have google “make money online” ever.  So whether you actually purchase the product or not, there is some decent education at this link here.   » Read the rest of this entry «

offering a new Service

October 31st, 2007 Comments Off on offering a new Service

Since I am becoming quite the expert in helping others to create their own online business. (I do spend about 20 hours a week doing just that) I decided to offer a class next semester in the St Louis Area. I posted on Craigslist. So if you are in the St Louis area, and you want to know how to build websites, create a business, sell products, or market online. Well check the post over at Craigslist, and let me know you are interested!

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