Who Is Jesus?

July 25th, 2011 Comments Off on Who Is Jesus?

I have been thinking alot lately about who Jesus was and is.  We christians come to church every week and worship Him.  Those of us who show up once in a while for church maybe think he is a guy who promises us heaven one day.  And some of us wonder if he is really an historical person at all.  I suppose there are still others who are pretty sure he wasn’t.

So with all the questions and doubts out there, who is and was Jesus?  There are many different ways to answer that I suppose.  But this coming week our church will be exploring a letter that was written by this guy named Paul who lived nearly 2,000 years ago, so I am really asking, “who did Paul think Jesus was?” 

It is worth remembering that at one point in his life, Paul killed people for talking about Jesus.  Then something happened.  He changed.  

And he wrote a letter to a church a long way away.  In that letter he said that Jesus was the first and most supreme being.  He said that everything was made by him and for him.  And he went on to say that this guy named Jesus was the one who reconciled everything to himself! 

That’s pretty powerful.  

We all live with sort of two different ideas.  We sometimes feel that the world is against us.  We think that we should get what we can out of it but that it will like a fight and we had better hold on to what we get.  This leads to the second general idea we have, that the world is not the way it should be.

This message Paul gives us about who Jesus is sort of begins to make sense if we think about it.  The world exists FOR Jesus, (I guess that means us too).  The reason it’s not right is because it’s broken.  But this message sort of deals with that too doesn’t it?  He is the one who is reconciling it to himself! 

So I guess this makes me think that what we need to do is start living like we belong to another and then ask him if we can be a part or the process of reconciling ourselves and our world to Him.  

I wonder what that might look life in your life and in mine? 

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