Late for work — sort of

May 29th, 2007 § 3

Well I am not really supposed to work at all today, but i told them i would come in to cover lunches while the other banker is on vacation. The beauty of being only a part timer is that i can work a little extra during my school breaks and look like a hero. Not that I really care, but maybe that will help my next performance evaluation.

I am later than I had hoped to be because I spent the morning working on our churches website. I am redesigning it and it takes awhile to get everything right. But thats the way it goes sometimes. You want to know the most frustrating thing about this website?

Internet Explorer! That’s right the most worthless creation in the world. It intentionally screws up great webpages. I think its all a part of the vast national multi-corporate governmental network. You don’t believe it exists? In the 90’s Bill Gates bought a Porsche that wasn’t street legal. Bill Clinton had the law changed so he could drive it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

So anyway, I have had to work a little harder to make sure this site performs correctly in Explorer because like it or not most people still use it because it is free on their machines. But so is firebox! it just takes a little more work! Fight the power! Download Firefox.

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