June 5th, 2007 § 2

I feel like I have really accomplished something today.  I had my first chance in months to sleep past nine.  I woke up, showered (of course) and even spent an hour outside with Shea so Lyra could finish some school with Gage.  Shea was particularly tired and refused to allow anyone to do anything other than pay attention to him.

So after coming inside I settled in for a period of leasurely moving the heritage website from my test server to its official home at heritagewildwood.org, well, not really — my intention was to place it at heritagepca.com but alas, that was not to be.
That domain is managed by a certain service that it would be rude for me to name.  They are impossible to work with and will not allow you to host a website they manage at another server.  I realize you might not exactly comprehend what I went through and what all of this “server”talk is.  Suffice it to say that after three phone calls to the Philippines I still had not gotten anywhere.  Fortunately there was another option.  I could easliy enough point everything over to heritagewildwood to get the job done while I wait for some sort of action on the part of the Filipinos who are simply doing a job they are paid much less than they should be to answer the phones.

Any way – so after deciding to just move everything to the new server, something crashed — yes imagine that!  and I pretty much had to redesign the site from the ground up.  Well all that considered, I learned something new about rss feeds and the beauty of working with a little coding solution called simplepie.  google it if you are a designer, and if you need any tips, let me know cause boy can I tell you everything about it!  I wanted to create a nice little podcasting solution for the sermons and this turned out to be a jewel.  One sermon seems to be corrupted and that is a shame because it is number two in what has so far turned out to be an excellent series on Hebrews.

If you like the book of Hebrews (like I do) you will be doing yourself a tremendous disservice if you do not immediately dart on over to the new site and add this to your podcast!  I have been delighted to be sitting under excellent teaching of the word at heritage, Sean impresses me every week.  You see I often consider him to be much like myself, and I don’t think I can preach anything like this guy!

Anyway, its late and I still have to go to bed so I can visit the treacherous bank in the morning and manage more money than I will ever own.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, I also registered for classes and talked to the financial loan adviser.  I found out that on the track I am on, I will need to walk out of covenant into a salary of 72,000 a year in order to pay back the loans.  She kinda looked at me funny when I laughed at that.  I guess when you don’t have any option you do what you have to do.   So far God has paid my bills for me, I am going to just have to keep counting on him to continue long after school is out.

§ 2 Responses to “Yippee”

  • mandy says:

    Glad you are having productive days! Enjoy the mini-break

  • Nikki says:

    Well, we just can’t thank you enough for building our new site. It’s so pretty I want to cry! But I won’t.

    Also, you are very cool for giving Sean some props on the sermons. Naturally, I agree. It’s especially nice when your favorite preacher is your own husband. Thanks God!

    Lastly, debt sucks.