I loved the LOST finale

May 28th, 2010 Comments Off on I loved the LOST finale

Beware – if you are way behind but still watching LOST you may not want to read what follows….

I know there have been some murmurs about the LOST series finale, but I loved it! Absolutely loved it.

Before I get started just let me make certain that I say I am not suggesting that the complete story is a perfect example of Biblical Christianity.  Even though I said that, some people will still think that is what I said.  It is a hodgepodge of different spiritual beliefs.  You hear that?

Ok now to what was so excellent about the story.

First, this was a wonderful artistic portrayal of redemption.

Jack’s time on the island (and indeed all of the passengers who survived the crash) was full of pain and misery.  Many of the people we grew to love even lost their lives in that dreadful place, one in particular never holding his own daughter in his arms.

The pain they endured was a part of resolving some heart issue that each of them overcame along the way.  Jin and Sun overcame pride arrogance and rage to find true love.

Claire overcame the thousand heartaches of a young single mom, Hurley found meaning at purpose near the very end, Charlie, who was once selfish fulfilled the ultimate act of selflessness, Kate the murderer watched first hand as life entered into the world and it completely shaped the rest of her days, Sawyer who was on the plane because he killed a man in a failed attempt to find resolution finally found it on the island. This list could go on and on all day.

Jack who struggled his whole life with purpose, meaning, and hope finally found it all.

And in the very end all the troubles, all the pain they each faced was obliterated by the joy they found when they discovered each other and a life where the good remained and the evil was stripped away.

At its core, this is the hope of redemption that Christians have.  We hope that at the finale of this mortal coil, the good will remain and the evil and pain will be erased.  “every tear will be wiped away.”  In the final scene, there were many tears, but only tears of joy.

I also loved the finale because it was well done (the whole series was) and true to its hope.  Did you know that the final scene was filmed right after the pilot?  The writers managed to weave all the parts of that story together to come back around.  Think – the opening scene in the pilot was Jack’s eye opening with Vincent at his side.  The finale was a truly fitting conclusion.  Magnificent piece of art with great story telling throughout.

And to all you naysayers who wanted all your answers handed to you, let me say this.  A good story will make you think.  Rarely in a true piece of art are you just a spectator.  You need to be a participant.

Time for you to participate.  Please feel free to post your thoughts here, but remember, the answers are somewhat subjective, and unknown to us since the writers did not clearly communicate every to us.

What do you think of the unanswered questions?  What is the island?  Why did the light need protecting?

What is your favorite unanswered question and your theories about its answer?

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