What about those fanatics and extremeists?

December 18th, 2010 Comments Off on What about those fanatics and extremeists?

In Revelation Chapter 3, Jesus says to one of the churches, Was it Laodicea?  I could look it up, but that’s not the point.  He says, ” I wish you were either hot or cold, since you are just lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

I have been thinking about that a lot lately.  It would seem to be better to be lukewarm than cold.  isn’t it better to go to church on Sunday, sing some songs, listen to a sermon and help once in a while at the soup kitchen; than to turn your back completely on the gospel and ignore Jesus completely?  Not according to him.  It seems he would prefer that we be either hot or cold as long as we are not lukewarm. 

That is terribly frightening.  How many of us are most concerned about the here and now?  How many of us really are lukewarm, simply doing the things we must so we can get a “passing grade.”  The gospel says that there is only one passing grade and it comes to us freely in Christ. 

This should fundamentally alter us at the deepest levels of our being.  When we are handed the perfect record of Christ, when he intervenes on our behalf and promises us righteousness and life, we ought to be different people.  But often we aren’t. Many of us who claim to have “recieved Christ” are trying to live out a comfortable American lifestyle.  We like to say things like, “Well, I am no religious fanatic, but i believe Jesus died for my sins”

This is how we justify living exactly like everyone around us.

Jesus doesn’t call us to live like everyone around us.  He calls us to be fanatics, extremists who will give up their comforts, their safety and their peace for the sake of the gospel.  Religious zealots who will invite orphans and widows into their homes.  Wackos who will confront injustice and inequality even if it means opposing the status quo and alienating their families.  Dare I say even Bible thumpers who will graciously and lovingly point hurting people to the source of hope and life. 

If we are not willing to be hot, perhpas we should consider being cold.  Apparently there is no place in the kingdom for a lukewarm Christian. 

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