Now I understand the controversy

January 1st, 2011 Comments Off on Now I understand the controversy

I have lived in several differnt parts of the US now, and I have always been accused of labeling all soft drinks “coke” even though I don’t.  I refer to them specifically.   A Mt. Dew is a Mt Dew, a Dr Pepper is a Dr Pepper, a Sierra Mist is a Sierra Mist (even though it used to be a Sprite).  Generically and taken together, they are known to me as soft drinks.

I saw this map, and now it all makes sense.  I was raised in a portion of the country that largely chooses “other” an finds itself in the vast minority.  Wow.  So whats up now all you mid-westerners who accused me of saying Coke all the time?  Now I have my empirical data!

Boo Yow –

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(Boo Yow)

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