Two Different Religions and American Politics

December 12th, 2015 Comments Off on Two Different Religions and American Politics

Do not misunderstand this as a political post.  It is not intended to be that.  It is to clarify something way more important than who wins the election this year.

But during political season, everybody keeps talking about who might win the evangelical vote.  Now, it is important that we recognize that evangelicals are not somehow honor bound to vote for a Christian.  As US citizens I think we should vote for the person we believe best represents the interests we want to see in the oval office.  And I am deeply committed to the idea that whether you vote or not and who you vote for – it is a personal choice and no one should tell you how or even if you ought to vote.

But winning the “evangelical vote” has been such an important piece of rhetoric in the last several presidential elections.  For this reason politicians (most commonly of the Republican variety) continually talk about their faith.

I happened across a couple of videos about the personal faith of two candidates.  If you have a few minutes and if you interested in this sort of thing.  It is really eye opening to compare these two videos.  One clearly understands the Christian religion.  One does not.

I am not writing this or comparing these two in order to get you to vote for one of them. Based on current polling data, unless something significant happens, the one who best understands Christianity will not win the primary anyway.  And that’s ok.

I am posting this because this time of year you are more likely to hear Christianity explained by a republican candidate than by a pastor.

Again, I don’t really care who you vote for. Politics is not my calling, helping people understand true religion is my calling.  My concern is that when you enter the polling booth you understand the actual message of Christianity.  Whether or not that sways your vote is irrelevant to me.  But if you want it to sway your vote, and if you want to vote for a Christian candidate.  Then please understand that not all who claim to know Christ understand the basic message message of Christianity.

After watching, before you ask “who should I vote for,” ask a much more important question:

Which Gospel do I believe? 





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