A Book You have to get

August 31st, 2007 § 1

Ok, It is rare for me to ever recommend a book.  But this is one EVERY Christian should read…  No Every person.  My wonderfully wise wife found this treasure and we have been reading it with the boys.  The Jesus Story Book Bible is a children’s Bible like many others, it tells the stories we are all familiar with in a way kids can relate to.  But in every single story, this insightful author points the readers to Christ.  Last night as we read the tower of Babel and the story of the birth of Isaac, Gage, Shea and I were all reminded that these things happened because everything was not quite right in the world, and God had a plan to send a child who would make it better.  These Stories really are all about HIM.  Too easily we get lost in the story and forget that, at least I do.  Read the book, I cannot stress it enough.  It is not just good for kids, its good for you too.

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