I remember

April 17th, 2008 § 3

I remember when a person could say – “i’m hacked off” and it meant something.

I remember when only the cool kids could afford parachute pants.

I remember when mc hammer had money.

I remember when the new kids on the block were a band.

I remember max headroom.

I remember the pet shop boys.

I remember when Michael Jackson was  stinkin’ awesome!

wow – I’m an old fart

§ 3 Responses to “I remember”

  • Sarah Sells says:

    Hey, Jared, didn’t ya hear!?! The New Kids are back together!! 😉

  • Justin says:

    Yup I’m old too. Today is my bday only 2 hours left of local time zone celebrating left but 5 more in California! Max Headroom was funny I forgot about that show. Maybe they will come out with it on DVD? I can hardly wait!

  • JoyntHeir says:

    Jared! You an old fart? What does that make me? I must have one foot in the grave :)