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Dance of Freedom

I choose the name Dance of Freedom for this book because more than anything else it explores the idea of freedom.

Life, the way it is supposed to be, is about a search for freedom.

In this tribute to my mother you will live her story. You will get to know her when she was a little girl riding with the windows down halfway across the country on Route 66. You will get to know her father who was disturbingly cheap and still became one of my favorite people.

You will follow her and her young family on a move from one coast to the other while they sought a better life for their children.

You will laugh at stories of family dogs and unusual pets.

You will also cry with a hurting family about to lose the one person who held them all together. There is no better way to grasp the emotion of love and death than peering into the souls of family and friends as they wrestle with the questions of death and dying.

But through it all there is a resilience, a faith, and even the discovery of what life was meant to be.

To be human is to struggle with suffering. To really live in spite of and even because of suffering is to live well. Anyone struggling with the eternal questions of pain, death, suffering and life would do well to read this book.

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